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Channel & Media Strategy

Owned, Earned, and Paid media opportunity mapping is specifically designed to examine your current channel mix while identifying and exploring new customer touch points and their opportunistic positioning for your brand.


As an outside council, we offer an independent lens from your agency or execution partners, bringing an independent voice as we help your team map out new channels that align with goals and objectives. 

Scope of work includes (not limited to):

  • Interactive team brainstorm (digital/physical)

  • Post-brainstorm digital survey for further thinking and response

  • Aggregated summary, roadmap, investment levels and opportunity report provided for execution.

Investment Chart
CX Discovery & Analysis

We dig deep into the customer journey, starting internally with a customer lifecycle immersion across your marketing & sales funnel, customer experience framework, and technology usage.


FuelB2B loves improving your customer journey. We think that starts internally with a closer look at your teams across marketing, sales, and customer care. From there we can’t wait to get ahold of the voice of the customer to hear first hand how sentiment and usage go together. 


During our evaluation we’ll recommend the best path forward that may include:

  • Discovery meeting with key influencers across sales & marketing teams 

  • Mapping the sales journey workshop to identify SWOT

  • Anonymous online survey sent across internal teams

  • In-depth Voice of the Customer research, persona identification, and captured verbatims 

  • Consolidated roadmap and strategic opportunities for consideration


Our approach is empathic to the customer at the heart of all conversation and problem solving across sales and marketing.

Voice of Customer Management​

FuelB2B provides a variety of support across research and customer engagement to listen, segment, and understand your customer more effectively. We cover Voice of Customer (VOC) across strategy, implementation, persona identification, management, and analysis. 


Customer centric brands are known to put the customer at the heart of marketing. It’s essential that brands are in constant communication not just with their advocates but also their outliers, questioners, and incoming customers. With B2B buying groups, it’s even more crucial that we discover who is part of the decision making group and when the discussion about the brand is happening.  Effective listening to the voice of your customer both individual and collective can include research across:

  • Surveys and focus groups (qual & quant)

  • Social mining and profile review

  • Secondary quantitative review of existing research and data available 

  • Sales integration ‘tag-along days’ 


We help achieve a larger picture for VOC that provides an always-on approach to understanding your customer, based on real experience and tied to outcomes across brand, customer journey and personas. 


As FuelB2B will be a nominated, independent consultant for your brand, we find that customers are more transparent in their feedback and perspective, appreciating our personal and empathetic approach. 

Study Group
Vendor & Agency Interposition


Agency tender and selection process can be difficult and time consuming for all parties.  As a neutral party, we offer a trusted source of experience across the briefing, tender, and pitching process to get the best results out of your partners.


After working at creative & media agencies for almost two decades, we know the complexities (yet vibrancy) that brands and their agencies hold together.  Great partners exist across the B2B marketing industry but they’re not always easy to find, and there are also many non-B2B specific agencies you should consider. We can help as a non-biased pitch consultant leading your:

  • Agency tender and selection process

  • Incumbent review & optimisation strategy

  • Scale-up agency approach and consideration

For scale-up business, we also offer the opportunity to sit down during your growth stages to define and determine exactly what type of agencies and when you need to compliment your in-house teams, preparing for growth and scale. 

Additional Services


  • Agency collaboration & special projects

  • Customer persona research, analysis and development (see VOC Management)

  • Sales funnel mapping & team building sessions

  • Social media positioning and content blueprints

  • Start-up growth & marketing roadmaps 

  • Workshop ideation & facilitation


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