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FuelB2B are problem solvers, consultants and strategic thinkers to help to bridge the gap in B2B relationships, making complex conversations and customer journeys crystal clear. 


We believe that strategic organisational relationships are one of the most important factors driving consistent and disciplined customer experiences across B2B marketing organisations.  

Let us help by digging in deep with marketing and sales teams to understand the heart of the customer, and their journey with your brand. When teams openly brainstorm, problem solve, and learn together, they are committed to future goals and support long term growth, as one team. 

We engage with your external stakeholders, agencies or partners. FuelB2B achieves high output and growth with buy-in across all collaborators, channels, and technology that ignite your marketing engine.

After discovery and analysis we fuel your marketing engine with stronger insights and strategic opportunities.

Across our service offerings (and no matter the brief) our vision includes:

  • Driving unified customer experiences across B2B audiences as we evaluate your touch points and content across the marketing and sales journey

  • Transforming the organisational relationship between sales and marketing for optimal output across the entire customer journey

  • Providing independent strategic guidance for marketers to better understand & communicate with their selected partners, including agencies, direct vendors, and internal organisations. 


​Services & Specialties:

  • Channel Strategy

  • CX Immersion & Analysis

  • Voice of Customer Management & Persona Research

  • Agency Interposition & Tender Management

  • Workshop Ideation & Facilitation

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