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Helping marketers better understand
the modern B2B buyer, and their
unique relationship with your brand.

FuelB2B is a marketing and customer experience consultancy.

With over 16 years of marketing experience across the USA and Australasia, we are an independent resource for marketers to analyse, brainstorm and transform their marketing approach.  


From demand generation, media planning and customer experience, FuelB2B delivers strategic analysis, thought leadership and go-to market strategies for your business. 


We fuel your marketing engine, driving stronger insights and strategic opportunities. 

Channel & Media Strategy

Owned, Earned, and Paid media opportunity mapping is specifically designed to evaluate your current channel mix while identifying and exploring new customer touch points and their opportunistic positioning for your brand.

CX Discovery & Analysis

We dig deep into the customer journey, starting internally with a customer lifecycle analysis across your marketing & sales funnel, customer experience framework, and technology usage.


FuelB2B provides Voice of Customer support across research, personas, and customer engagement to listen and understand your customers more effectively. We cover VOC strategy, implementation, management, and analysis.

 Agency Interposition

Agency tender and selection process can be challenging and time consuming for all parties.  As a neutral party we offer a trusted source of experience across the briefing, tender, and pitching process to get the best results out of your partners.

Business Plan
Ready to Fuel?

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Strategically B2B with emphasis on customer-centric behaviours

External perspective for marketing and campaigns

Focused marketing resource with flexibility and agility 

 Integrated solutions across marketing & sales

Cost-effective  approach & outsourced solution

“Leveraging US experience and now working locally, Jacquie has a strong CV in working with global brands and organisations. She is experienced in managing large, complex campaigns and delivering outstanding results!”

Judges Response, AdNews Emerging Leaders Finalist

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